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I wondered if that was why God hated sin, because of the destruction it caused. For a moment I felt awe for a God who loved me enough to hate the things that hurt me without hating me for causing them. Susan E. Isaacs (via Yasmin Mogahed)

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u ever text someone something risky and every second that they dont respond is another spike in ur blood pressure and u stare at your hand like why did u type that u fool its over the universe is crumbling to pieces this is my demise

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Do not only consider how much a person prays and fasts, how many times he goes on pilgrimage, how many good deeds he has performed and how much he engages in supplication at night. But consider his honesty and trustworthiness.

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

Source: Mishkat ul-Anwar Fi Ghurar il-Akhbar

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I want us to make each other better. someone you should probably hold on to  (via therealblackmarket)

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My sin burdened me heavily. But when I measured it against Your Grace, O Lord, Your forgiveness came out greater.

Imam ash-Shafi`i

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I knew I had fallen in love with you, when I found myself praying for your happiness and success before mine… (via coolstorybhaijaan)

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